.NET for Apache Spark

.NET for Apache Spark 

.NET for Apache Spark
Get Started on .NET 5 with Apache Spark
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.NET for Apache Spark 1.0 was officially released on 14th Oct 2020. This version was released together with .NET Core 3.0. Since .NET for Apache Spark is written with .NET Standards, it should work with .NET 5 too. This articles how to use .NET 5 with Apache Spark.

.NET for Apache Spark v1.0.0 Released
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.NET for Apache Spark v1.0.0 was released officially on 2020-10-14. This page summarizes some important resources for you to get started on .NET for Spark. *Image credit: https://github.com/dotnet/spark/raw/master/docs/img/dotnetsparklogo-6.png Release Notes on GitHub ...

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I’ve been following Mobius project for a while and have been waiting for this day. .NET for Apache Spark v0.1.0 was just published on 2019-04-25 on GitHub. It provides high performance APIs for programming Apache Spark applications with C# and F#. It is .NET Standard complaint and can run in ...

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