arrow_back Hive ACID Inserts, Updates and Deletes with ORC

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Raymond Raymond
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#1800 Re: Hive ACID Inserts, Updates and Deletes with ORC

There are can be many different points. I will just provide some typical ones here:

  1. If your use case has no low latency requirement, you can use it. For example, ingest events stored in Kafka into a persistent table in Hive. 

  2. Spark Delta uses different engine and usually can provide better performance but it really depends on your exact use cases. Delta Lake has the advantage of not relying on a metastore hence it is very easy to migrate from one platform to another.


person ugrite access_time 24 days ago
Re: Hive ACID Inserts, Updates and Deletes with ORC

Thank you very much for your article, it is very useful. As you mentioned in the conclusion that it should not use as the OLTP. Could you provide additional suggestions for the below questions?

  1. What is the situation that we should consider to use this feature?  Please give me an example.

  2. As it executes as Map-Reduce, So if we want the better performance. Can we use Spark (Ex. PySpark) with the Delta library?


Ugrite Hita

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