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This page summarize information about how to retrieve client and server IP address in ASP.NET core applications.  Client IP address can be retrieved via HttpContext.Connection object. This properties exist in both Razor page model and ASP.NET MVC controller. Property  RemoteIpAddress ...

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Microsoft 365 and Office 365 supports using licensed user account to send emails in client applications. SMTP protocol can be used to send emails in ASP.NET Core applications. This article shows how to use SMTP AUTH to send emails in ASP.NET Core 3.1 applications. warning  This guide is ...

Entity Framework Core Code-First - Generate Covering Index with Columns Included

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In SQL Server or some other relational databases, it is a very common requirement to create covering index with columns included in index pages beside the index key columns. With Entity Framework Core, you can also easily generate covering indexes using purely C# code. For Kontext website, backend ...

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Sign-in with social accounts like Google, Microsoft, Twitter and Facebook accounts are very commonly used in websites to allow website users to logon easily without registering an separate account. During the implementation of Kontext Google sign-in function, I encountered an error: Exception ...

Modern Web Application - Azure Blob Storage for Uploaded Files

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With cloud platforms like Azure, we can totally separate user content storage from web application storage to decouple components from each other and to make the application easy to scale and deploy. This article provides detailed information with code snippets about how to use Azure server-less product Blob Storage and App Service to enable horizontally scalable web application for users to upload files (BLOBs).

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If you have been working on ASP.NET projects in the past years, you probably have heard or used quite a few client library management frameworks/tools. For example, Bower, npm, Gulp, Grunt, Webpack, Yarn, Parcel, Libman, etc. Before SPA became popular, the default ASP.NET (or ASP.NET Core) project ...

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I’ve just started an core 2.2 based implementation for Australia Consumer Data Standards (published by Data 61). Opening Banking initiative will follow these standards. The purpose is to help you to get familiar with these standards, especially the APIs that need to be implemented. The ...

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The identity system in ASP.NET has evolved over time. If you are using ASP.NET Core, you probably found User property is an instance of ClaimsPrincipal in Controller or Razor views. Thus to retrieve the information, you need to utilize the claims.

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In ASP.NET Core, Request.UserHostAddress has been removed though that attribute exists in the traditional ASP.NET applications. We can use HttpContext.Connection to retrieve the remove client IP address: var ipAddress = HttpContext.Connection.RemoteIpAddress?.ToString(); This IP address may ...

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Other related issues are found during my migration. I faced the same issue as the above post. To fix it, I need to derive my database context with all the parameters specified: public ...

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