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.NET for Apache Spark Preview with Examples

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I’ve been following Mobius project for a while and have been waiting for this day. .NET for Apache Spark v0.1.0 was just published on 2019-04-25 on GitHub. It provides high performance APIs for programming Apache Spark applications with C# and F#. It is .NET Standard complaint and can run in Wind...

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Migrate ASP.NET Core Projects – VS2015 to VS2017 and TFS2015 to TFS2017 Issues and Fixes

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Context Before Visual Studio 2017 was released, I was implementing my ASP.NET Core project using VS2015. TFS2015 is used for Continuous Build and Deployment for my projects. After migrating to VS2017, there are couple of issues I encountered in my environment: VS2017 has ...

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.Net 中引用Java的Web Services

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Keywords: .Net , Java EE, Eclipse, Web Services, GlassFish, jws由于工作的需要,我们的.Net项目需要引用一个java平台下的Web Service 为了便于开发,自己先通过Eclipse建了一个Java的WebService,然后通过Java SDK中自带的GlassFish 服务器发布,然后在.Net项目中添加Web 引用,具体方法如下面所示(由于自己今天第一次学习java 第一次用到Eclipse 所以若有错误请大家见谅):

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C# 利用WinRAR (加密)压缩及解压缩 相关文件夹及文件

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3.压缩文件夹及其下文件为rar 还是 zip

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